Online journals and literary Magazines:

On Becoming a Person of Color,” The Normal School, 2018

Hapa Tales: Mixed Race Memoir Probes Colonial Legacy of a Hawaiian Word,” Book Review for The Globalist, 2018.

Interview with Sharon Chang, author of Hapa Tales and Other Lies, The International Examiner, 2018

"Aging, Sexual Currency, and the Midlife Crisis," Kore Press online, 2018

"Popo," Fourth Genre, 2018

“Our Love is Stronger than Our Fear,” Medium, 2016

“Sky Burial,” reprinted in Granslos anthology (translated to Swedish), 2015

Sky Burial,” Blue Lyra Review, 2014

“Merging,” Raven Chronicles, 2014

Open Receptivity,” Literary Mama, 2014

Awareness,” Vela Magazine, 2014

Learning to Speak,” Duende, 2014

Full Disclosure: How to Spill Your Guts Without Making a Mess,” Brevity’s Nonfiction Blog, March, 2014

Growth, Stubbornness, and Working on a Memoir for (something like) Ten Years,” Hedgebrook Farmhouse Table Blog, March 2013

How to Write After Giving Birth,” Hedgebrook Farmhouse Table Blog, September, 2011

“Walls,” Los Angeles Review, Fall, 2009

“Pilgrim’s Path,” Stone Table Review, October, 2007



Xin: Heart, Mind, Center,” Jack Straw Writers Anthology, Volume 10, 2006

“Rising and Falling,” Waking Up American: Coming of Age Biculturally, Seal Press, 2005

“How Quickly We Learn,” Thoughts Out of School, Peter Lang Publishing, 2001



Heart Radical: A Memoir (seeking representation)

Artifacts of Longing (in progress)


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