Do you have a story in you, a yearning, a passion?

An unexamined memory, feeling, or question? A lifetime of silences that have been waiting to find the right words?

Whether you want to write a personal essay, publish a book-length manuscript, or anything in between, I can help you on this journey.

As a developmental editor and writing mentor, when I give feedback, I try to locate the heart of your work, to ask: what is this really about?

While the surface story may be obvious, what are the questions, themes, ideas, metaphors, or feelings that are running below the surface?

What passages can be expanded upon or cut back? Are there areas that are distracting or confusing?

Does the structure work as a whole or could the writing be organized differently?

What are the unique attributes of your voice, your writing, your subject or your story?

And who is your ideal audience?


With over eight years of experience as a writing mentor/editor, and twenty-plus years of honing my own writing practice, I can help you examine your piece or book’s primary themes, metaphors, ideas, structure, and narrative with greater insight and clarity.

First, I offer a free email or 30-minute phone consultation where I can learn about your project, timeline, and needs.

If we are a good fit, we can set up a plan/schedule for you to submit to me your work, as well as consider any other writing-related goals you may have.

In my feedback, I will write you a letter where I ask you a lot of questions, push you to go deeper, and encourage you to take risks on the page.

I will also provide light line-editing-- paying attention to word choice, grammar, flow, and the overall poetry or clarity of your language.

When requested, I am happy to suggest writing prompts, resource ideas, publication advice, or to schedule more check-ins as needed, whether by phone, Skype, or in-person meetings.

I primarily work with all kinds of nonfiction (essays, memoirs, research-based work, grad school applications, cover letters, etc.), but I also have critiqued fiction and poetry.


Please email me at alkellor@gmail.com with your questions and/or project description and we can set up a free phone consultation. If I am not available or a good fit for your project, I can suggest other editors who may be. My editing/mentoring rate is $70/hour.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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